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Current CFSO Statement of Work

Request For Information / Sources Sought Synopsis and Related Documents

Industry Day Communications and Related Documents

Interested Parties – Lists and Updates

Pre-Proposal Conference Information

Pre-Solicitation Synopsis and Related Documents

Request for Proposal and Related Documents



Points of Contact

Name: Andrea Browne
Title: Contracting Officer
Phone: 281-483-1172

Streamlined Procurement Team information as follows:

  • C. L. Ross, Chair
  • Andrea L. Browne, Contracting Officer
  • Dennis G. Perrin
  • Kenneth I. Poast
  • Penney M. Stanch

Source Selection Authority: Charles C. Bell

Technical Documents



This website shall be shutdown 30 days after the Final Debriefing or at the end of the protest period,
whichever comes later.

Current News and Events

Curator: BA Web Services
Responsible NASA Official: Andrea Browne

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