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Important Reminder About Cost Voucher Submittals

All non-classified cost vouchers shall be submitted electronically through WAWF
There have been cases where the NASA Shared Services Center (NSSC) has received hard copies of non-classified cost vouchers from contractors instead of electronically through WAWF. This delays the payment process and may lead to late payment interest charges.

The NFS was revised on Sep. 14, 2016 to update the NASA Payment clause and voucher submission process (see PN 16-17).    NFS clause 1852.232-80, Submission of Vouchers for Payment, directs contractors to submit all cost vouchers electronically using the steps described at NSSC’s Vendor Payment information web site at Some contracts may have JSC’s JPI clause 52.216-92, Submission of Vouchers for Payment, in lieu of the new NFS clause. This JPI clause also instructs contractors to submit cost vouchers electronically through WAWF.  
To alleviate any confusion, the NSSC has updated their Vendor Payment webpage to highlight that non-classified cost vouchers are to be submitted electronically through WAWF and shall not be faxed or mailed to the NSSC. This requirement is also further clarified in NSSC’s “Answers” webpage at:

Please contact Ida Horton, JSC’s Invoice Liaison, at 281-483-2787 if you have any questions regarding this topic.